Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

Four ideas that will make your party more talked about than Janet Jackson’s ‘04 slip

Step one foot into your nearest grocery store and you’ll be met with the 8th wonder of the world: a leaning tower of potato chips and soft drinks stacked so high that you barely looked up from your phone in time to avoid a serious cleanup on aisle 1 and some minor injuries. (Although, if you’re like me, you have always wanted an excuse to ride those electric scooters…) This monument to snack food can only mean one thing - America’s “third holiday” of the year is upon us. Super Bowl Sunday.

Whether you are rooting for the Rams, Patriots, commercials, halftime show, or just an excuse to crack open your favorite Canned Oregon wine with company, more than 111 million fans will join as you tune in on February 3rd.

At Canned Oregon, we are determined to help make your Super Bowl party one for the play books. Here are 4 ideas that will make your party more talked about than Janet Jackson’s ‘04 slip.

1. Friendly Competition

Strike up a game of your own with our Super Bowl Squares printable! Grab some friends who think they know their stuff and place your bets on what you think the outcome of the game will be.

How it works:

Have each player initial one or more of the 100 available boxes. Each box is assigned a number 0-9, belonging to both a column and row. In our printable, the New England Patriots are designated the horizontal axis, while the Los Angeles Rams are designated the vertical axis.

Determine who wins each quarter by finding the square that corresponds with the last number in each team’s score.

Ex: Say your guess after the first quarter is 9-7, Rams. Find the 9 on the left and the 7 from the top. The first winner is the participant who initialed the square that intersects the two numbers. If the game ends with a score of 30-27, Patriots, the winner with the most bragging rights initialed the square that connects the horizontal 0 and the vertical 7.

Visit Super Bowl Squares for more information on how to play!

2. Say Cheese

It’s 2019 and what’s a party without a photo booth? For a simple and fantastic booth, zip over to your nearest craft shop and buy your fabric of choice. I like to stick to the Super Bowl theme with green, black, or referee inspired material. Tack your fabric to an empty wall in your party space. Next, download this printable yard line banner, grab some string, and walla! You have yourself an Instagram post worthy booth. Stop by your nearest dollar store and grab some ridiculous props to add a fun spin.


For those of you who let out an “amen” when I mentioned rooting for commercials and wine, this one's for you my friend. Print out this fun commercial bingo and let the big budget commercials roll! Winner gets… more wine!

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Wine reincarnated into a goal post? Yes you can! Instead of recycling your cans immediately after enjoying, use them as a party decoration! This DIY field goal post is a project that can be achieved by even the most Pinterest challenged crafter.

You will need:

  • 8 empty cans

  • 1 full can

  • 1 hot glue gun

  • 1 can of black spray paint

  • 1 can of yellow spray paint

Visit Play.Party.Plan for a detailed how-to!

Happy Super Bowl! May the games (and party throwing!) be ever in your favor!


Born and raised in Oregon, Madi Budge is always looking for her next PNW adventure. When she isn’t busy with her studies at Oregon State, she loves hitting the slopes on Mt. Hood, wake boarding on the Willamette, hiking in Central Oregon and running the Forest Park trails.